Monday, April 23, 2012

To Be or Not to Be?

I didn't have the opportunity to share this with everyone last week, so I hope you enjoy. Shelby and I performed this piece on Kate Wohlman's doctoral recital last semester, and while it is a bit bizarre at first I really enjoyed the way the piece is set up. Henri Tomasi's "To Be or Not To Be?" was based on William Shakespeare's "Hamlet". It tells a short version of the story of love, life and un-timely deaths. The piece is scored for three trombones (two tenor & 1 bass trombone) and solo tuba. I loved working on Tomasi's trombone concerto during my undergraduate studies as well. The following is a really good youtube video of a Master's recital (seriously, these guys did a really good job!) The most difficult part for me was the mute changes; they are fast and you have to do it as quietly and smoothly as possible. **Composers: This is something to consider when you are writing for brass---mute changes take time!!!
Enjoy this great performance of Etre ou Ne Pas Etre: Monologue de Hamlet by Derek Fernstermachter and his trombone trio. I suppose this is my last post for this class; however I am thinking about making a new blog to discuss things in my musical world---stay tuned and thanks for reading!!!

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